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The camera on the roof of Burt Hall has been installed since April 28th, 2010. Recently, a student a part of Oregon State's REU program has been watching and analyzing the nearly four and a half years of data. Over those four and a half years, the student observed 7 main types of clouds over and around Marys Peak. Click on one of the catagories below to view more detailed information about that cloud formation and to view images and time-lapse videos of them.

Stratus Cumulus Altocumulus Stratocumulus Lenticular Fog Blank Cirrus Blank Blank Blank Blank

Our Mission

This webcam was funded by the National Science Foundation, with the original camera being installed by the Ocean Mixing Group on the roof of Burt Hall at Oregon State University on April 28th, 2010. The webcam is a part of experimental investigations into the physics of form drag in geophysical flows. The Biomicrometrology Group maintains the site as part of ongoing studies to understand and quantify interactions between the air, vegetation, and the land surface. The images obtained here are intended to complement studies of controlled flows over topographic obstacles in ocean and atmosphere. On August 4th, 2014, the Biomicrometeorology group at Oregon State University installed a new camera with near-infrared sensitivity to increase the window of viewability.

A collaborative, NSF-funded project by
C. Thomas, S. deSzoeke, L. Mahrt & E. Skyllingstad / OSU Atmospheric Sciences
J. Moum & J. Nash / OSU Ocean Mixing Group

Cloud Atlas compiled by REU student M. Spagnolo